A very brief business life of
After studying Management and Public Relations at Anadolu University, I graduated from Akademi Istanbul Graphic Design, 2001. 
I started my career as an editor/copywriter in medical communications. My articles were published in various magazines, journals and web portals. 
I concentrated solely on graphic design after year 2006, worked as an art director and creative director in some reputable advertising agencies. 
I have served for over 300 local and global brands.
I've been working as a freelance designer and creative consultant.

Strenght: Brand architecture, packaging design, 360° campaign concept creation
Weakness: Doesn't start to work with a insufficient brief
Opportunity: Creating long term success stories
Threat: Allergic to any kind of “unnecessary” revisions

Creativity is impressive but I believe in numbers
20 Years of Experience
1000+ Projects Done
300+ Happy Clients
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