A. Aykut Altın
The year 2000, Deniz was my “creative writing class” student at Akademi Istanbul Advertising Program… Year 2020, she is my beloved design partner, moreover my master… I was her employer at her first professional job; now she is the boss! It’s not easy for me to find the right words to describe the effort and the accomplishment Deniz made in those 20 years, as an ad agency artist and creative director, a true-blue freelance graphic designer and a business leader our industry values. She’s been a solid example of personal professional development and achievement, that I always hold her up as an example of success, to younger adman and women that I mentor. I’m proud to be her mentor once and a trusted creative source and partner today.

Med. Dr. Serkut Yalçın
"Here is a complete creative! Creates, designs and even writes the text if you need. During my period of management at Medtrend, I worked with Deniz Yakin as a staff member or as a freelancer for many years... Deniz’s default value is top-level task responsibility. 

With her smiling face and soft maners, she also gives energy to the colleagues and customers she works with.

Işık Erakkaya (Marketing Manager) 
Working with Deniz Yakın is the most comfortable part in a challenging creative process. Tell her what you want, then leave her intelligence, creativity and talent alone do the job. You think she read your mind when she presents creative work to you. She takes every brief with the same enthusiasm. Even if she doesn't sign her name, you can understand that a job is hers. She creates the difference ...

Mustafa Kantarcı (SYK Customs Brokerage - Sales Manager)
We worked closely with Deniz Yakın counting her as a member of the SYK family for a total of 9 years. She managed and designed all the creative activities for SYK Customs Brokerage. She was also the editor of SYKONSEPT newsletter. She makes the difference through her discipline and devotion…

Elif Oktav Erdemli (Kaleydoskop Digital Agency - Owner)
​​​​​​​We have been working with Deniz for a long time. She has all the characteristics that are difficult to find in a freelancer. For example, you can always reach her when you call. She respects the timeframe better than you and delivers within the deadlines. She is a strong designer with the highest discipline and work ethic. In addition, I can say that we complete nearly with every project with almost zero revision. She closely analyses the brand within the market against current competitors. She offers designs based on the needs and expectations of the brand. I am glad to work with her both in terms of her personal qualities and her identity as a designer.

Arzan Dilek (Uras Chemical – Head of Marketing)
We have done a great work in updating our logos and creating corporate identity with Deniz Yakın. Through Deniz’s contribution, our corporate image was considerably renewed. Thank you.

Sinem Öktem (Personal Coach)
I would like to thank you Deniz for your diligence and patience in making the design of the logo for my coaching site. I can never forget the support you offered and the suggestions that guided and widened my options. I especially thank you for your calm professionalism and your ability to turn a difficult process into a pleasurable experience.
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